Astronomicon: The Beginning about to launch

The Beginning (Front cover art)The finished book has just been uploaded to Amazon, so it should only be a matter of hours now.


This is the culmination of weeks of intensive work to revamp Astronomicon: Voyage of the Elysian and Astronomicon: The Discovery into a single volume. A great deal of editing, proofreading and polishing has resulted in book which is almost 5,000 words longer than the old volumes added together.


Anyone who has already read the first two books will find a lot of material in this new book that they have not previously seen, both in terms of plot and background material. Soon after the book is available for sale, I will be announcing one or more (is one ever enough?) free download events so that my existing readers don’t have to pay again to get the latest version.


I will post Yahoo links as soon as I have them.