Home of the Astronomicon Series of Sci-Fi Novels
Home of the Astronomicon Series of Sci-Fi Novels

Astronomicon on Social Networks

This blog is always the best place to keep up-to-date with developments in the expanding Astronomicon universe, but you can also get key announcements on any of the following systems:

Well Known Social Networks

I am particularly active on Twitter and attempt to reply to any comments or feedback I receive. It’s also a very good place to get news of my latest releases and special offers.

I post news and progress reports here and try to consistently check in daily.

I will eventually get around to setting up a presence on Facebook, but almost no-one I know is on there.

Other Social Media

If you would like to follow my progress and hear about new releases on any of the following fiction and e-book social networks, here are my links:

This is where I am most active, have many stories posted and interact with readers multiple times per day usually.

This community isn’t as active (or as large) as Wattpad, but I still try to check in daily and reply to any comments I receive.

I maintain a presence on GoodReads but rarely check in more than once or twice per week.