Definition of Human Science Fiction

Astronomicon Novels - Human Science FictionWhat is “Human Science Fiction”?

This is a common sub-genre of Science Fiction, where the technology and science form a strong backdrop for the story BUT are strictly secondary to the human elements of the story. The science fiction element will be key to the plot but is not the driving force of the enterprise. The drive that moves the story forwards will instead be provided by human needs such as truth, survival, love and freedom.

When writing the Astronomicon series of science fiction novels and my other works, I recognised very early on that readers are more engaged by any story with characters they can empathise with and understand. The key characters should all have aims, drives and targets which readers can understand and that they feel are justified. No-one should be evil just because they are a bad guy (bad guys often work far better when then don’t realise that they are the bad guy). Most people don’t take risks or put their lives in danger without a very good reason.

There are many ways to achieve and include this human element and it is critical to ensuring that readers fully feel each character’s emotional drives and feel that each character is more than just a method to carry a story.