Astronomicon Books

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Astronomicon Science Fiction novels:

Astronomicon Core Novels:

These are the novels which form the core of the Astronomicon story. They are designed to be read in order and have been assigned numbers accordingly

Book 1: The Beginning

The Beginning (Front cover art)The start of the entire series, this book covers Earth’s first manned voyage to our neighbouring star, Proxima Centauri. On arriving near their destination, the crew of the Elysian discovers that the vessel is severely damaged, forcing a devastating crash landing on Proxima 3. The survivors soon discover that the harsh terrain is not the only thing threatening their ongoing survival.

About to be replaced by “Inception Point”. Now available in paperback format too. Still the longest Astronomicon novel at 350+ pages.

Book 2: Distant Relatives

This third book in the Astronomicon series marks a serious and exciting expansion of the scenario, many new elements are introduced, revealing more of the true scale of events within the story. Readers get their first taste of Mars Colony 1 and the human race discovers that we really are not alone in the universe.

Visitors arrive on Earth, shattering our belief that we are alone in the galaxy and proving that our understanding of Earth history is flawed. Meanwhile, the colony on Proxima 3 is attacked by unknown forces.

Book 3: Those Left Behind

Front cover art for Those Left Behind (Astronomicon #3)This prequel to the rest of the Astronomicon series tells the tragic story of what happened back on the Eridani homeworld that allowed a huge fleet of mostly civilian vessels to escape a colossal invasion and head for safety? Book 3 tells the fascinating story of the ones who did not make it onto the evacuation fleet, the resistance teams that fought to buy time for those in the fleet to escape without being detected. It’s a tale of success and sacrifice in the face of overwhelming odds.


Book 4: Holy Earth

Ever wondered what happened back on Earth, during the Elysian’s original voyage (Book 1)? This book fills in the gaps. While the crew of the Elysian are asleep in cryogenic suspension, a senior engineer within the Colonisation Program is one of few survivors of a colossal terrorist attack on the fourth colonisation vessel, the Uranian.

She sets out to discover how such an attack was possible and become convinced that it could only have succeeded with inside help. Unfortunately, other parties need to stop her from finding the truth and her investigation becomes a race against time.

Book 5: War

The war that Earth has been expecting for almost two years finally arrives. A colossal alien invasion fleet masses in the outer reaches of the solar system. Earth’s hastily manufactured defences prepare for the onslaught, but we are outnumbered, outgunned and facing a technology level beyond ours. How can we possibly prevail?

Book 6: Pandora’s Box (working title)

Having defeated the Cephali invasion fleet, Earth constructs a colossal assault force and sets out to inflict total revenge on the Cephali species. What they find is a complete surprise and the battle plan has to be completely rethought.

Book 7: Genocide (early working title)

Another species (keeping that secret for now) mounts a covert and successful invasion of Earth. Earth’s military ends up attempting to meet a threat which is fighting them on two fronts. I’m not releasing any more details about this one yet.


Astronomicon Universe Novels:

These novels are set in the Astronomicon universe and may occasionally reference events described in the Astronomicon Core novels, but each is a standalone story which can be read on its own without any need to have read any previous Astronomicon titles.


Astronomicon: Icarus

Astronomicon: IcarusTrojan Asteroid cluster mining vessel “Icarus” is braving the more hectic areas of the asteroid belt and surveying asteroids for valuable mineral deposits when it discovers a mysterious stranded vessel named the USS Oppenheimer. Their problems begin when they rescue what is left of Oppenheimer’s surviving crew.



Astronomicon: Behemoth

Behemoth Cover ArtDuring the events of the first Astronomicon novel, one of the colonisation vessels, the Arcadian, failed to arrive in the Proxima Centauri system. Behemoth is the story of what happened to that unfortunate crew and their struggle to escape with their lives from a mysterious location.

This novel is currently being serialised on Wattpad for free but will be published on Amazon in 2021.