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3 Astronomicon booksYou have found the official home of the Astronomicon series of scifi novels. Four novels have been published and a fifth is on the way. This epic series charts the progress of the human race from early interstellar exploration, through political upheavals, subterfuge, first contact, interstellar wars and even the reason for our existence.

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Back in 2011 I published the 1st volume of the series, Astronomicon: The Beginning on Amazon.  The 2nd volume, Astronomicon: Distant Relatives followed just the following year, also on Amazon. The 3rd  instalment, a prequel to the previous two books,  Astronomicon: Those Left Behind, was published in July 2013. In 2012, the first spin-off book set within the Astronomicon universe was published: Astronomicon: Icarus (also available on Amazon). More books are in development, with plans for six further Astronomicon books but writing all of them is going to take some time. This site is the best way to keep up with my progress or, if you prefer, use the social media links on the left side of this page and follow my progress.

Thank you for your support, especially to the rapidly growing number of people who have purchased my books.


2022 Targets and Changes   Recently updated !

I think 2021 was a weird year for most of us. I usually do a great deal of research (it’s pretty much a necessity for science fiction writing) but during 2021, I did more research than ever before on getting published. It’s been a LONG time since I self-published my first novel and, after some initial success, my book sales have simply dwindled. All the effort I put into marketing clearly counts for very little and I tend to find my marketing experience seems to be out-of-date before I learn it. Many courses, books, videos etc. have had no effort on the decline so I’m shifting my effort into doing this properly.

Four months of reading acceptance criteria from many, many literary agents, listening to genuine experts in the field and more have taught me a few things. First, literary agents mostly don’t want science fiction. This is extremely annoying. Second, as my best science fiction novels have not received any positive feedback at all from dozens of literary agents, I would be wise to jump to another genre. Third, anyone’s writing is only going to be great if they love the genre in which they are working. I’m not going to be able to make a go of Romance or Women’s Fiction, so I need to stick to what I like and know.

Back when I started writing, almost four decades ago, I wrote fantasy novels. They weren’t any good but I loved writing them. 2021 has sent me back to Fantasy, so I’ve been writing “Rise of the Witch Queen”, the first of a series of light-hearted fantasy novels set in the land of Karduga. I’m well over 50,000 words in and hoping to finish before the middle of February.

This leaves me with a problem: Do I start a new website or post announcements and progress reports here on Astronomicon.co.uk?

Another Cover Reveal #SciFi

Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives Cover
After creating a new front cover for Astronomicon Book 1, I’m now obliged to do the same for all the other Astronomicon books. Branding is important but I also want it to be obvious all four novels are related.

Today, I am posting my reworked front cover for Astronomicon 2: Distant Relatives. The layout is largely the same, although I’ve moved Earth into the centre of the frame. The titles are now in line with book 1.

I’m doing another proofread and edit of this novel before I upload the cover to Amazon. Readers have pointed out quite a few typos in it, so I’ll fix those at the same time. Another announcement will follow when it’s available on Amazon.

Now I need to get on with the new cover art for Astronomicon 3 too!

New Cover Reveal #SciFi

Inception Point Front CoverI’ve been doing a wonderful course this week to help with my marketing and sales efforts. It’s been a bit of a revelation during the first two days, so I’m hoping the last four days will be just as good. The first thing to come out of it was the inspiration to improve the front cover of Astronomicon book 1: Inception Point. I’ve got some tweaking to do yet, maybe another version or two, but I wanted to share the new idea for the cover to see what everyone thinks.

The cover art is the same, but the font, sizing and layout are very different. Does it work? Is it eye-catching? Does it work better than the previous version?

I’ll be posting it on Twitter and Facebook too.

Inception Point launches on #Amazon

Inception Point is now available on Amazon! It’s taken longer to get here than I expected and, while it’s a landmark development, it’s not the end of the journey. There will be news posts, a social media campaign, lots of marketing and more to do to complete the job.

Astronomicon Inception Point front coverInception Point can now properly take its place as the first book in the Astronomicon series and I have unpublished ‘Astronomicon: The Beginning’. To be honest, I never liked that title anyway. It’s going to take some weeks to remove all traces of ‘The Beginning’ from the world but I’ll do my best.

Inception Point is not just a revamp of ‘The Beginning’, it’s a rewrite from scratch. The main spacecraft, the Elysian, has been completely redesigned to make the technology hugely more realistic. Almost all of it is based closely on existing technology or on NASA, and other space agencies, research. This drastic change in the vessel’s layout and structure forced a redesign of all the scenes set inside the ship but, most importantly, the vessel’s crash-landing on the surface of Proxima C bore little, if any, resemblance to the original.

The ship’s modular design allowed me to radically improve the pacing of the novel and add some interesting plot elements to the story. Added to that, new characters, better action, different challenges, improved relationship development, more alien life and more make it a more impressive introduction to the entire Astronomicon universe.

Don’t for one moment think you’ve already read this book if you’ve read ‘The Beginning’, this is not the same experience.

Download a free sample here:Link to Astronomicon on Amazon