Astronomicon Short Stories

Here is a comprehensive list of all the Astronomicon flash fiction written to date. Those short stories that I have published online are also accompanied by a link to the relevant page.

Astronomicon: BoundaryBoundary

A couple exploring a remote beach makes a bizarre discovery that shakes their world. This story is a possibly chilling view of the future, a fresh look at the consequences of our attempts to avoid death.
(1620 words)

Astronomicon: OriginalOriginal

More than sixty years from now, a radical physics experiment goes horribly wrong. The scientist performing the experiment is forced to question what makes us human, and his team must solve a major ethical dilemma.
(2911 words)

Front cover of Astronomicon: StrikeStrike

Set in the near future, detailing the aftermath of a military strike on a dictator of a Middle Eastern power. I thought it would be interesting to tell the story from the viewpoint of one of the victims of the attack.
(500 words)