Work has begun on #scifi epic Behemoth

After finishing my most recent Sceptic, which is still available for free on Wattpad until the end of April, I have now started work in earnest on Behemoth, a spin-off from the main Astronomicon series. The novel which started the series described five colonisation vessels built to travel to the Proxima Centauri system, the Elysian, Hesperian, Olympian, Arcadian and Uranian. The first three vessels made it, after a fashion, to their destination, and the fifth one was destroyed before it left Earth orbit. The fourth vessel, the Arcadian, left Earth but failed to reach its destination. Its fate has been left as a mystery, until now.

Astronomicon: Behemoth will tell the story of the Arcadian, her eighty crew and why they failed to reach Proxima Centauri. This project will be somewhat different from my previous ones.  Rather than a novel (or series of novels) this will be structured as an ongoing serial, split into episodes and released one chapter at a time on

At this stage, it’s very hard to predict when the big launch date will arrive but I’m aiming to kick things off before the end of May. As I get closer to having the story ready, I will post more information here before ultimately doing a big launch here, on Twitter, Google+ and Wattpad. Basically, watch this space!