Progress Report

It’s been far too long since I did a proper progress report. Sales of Astronomicon Book 1 have been pleasing for the last few weeks, selling nicely. That’s good, but the best thing is that Astronomicon Book 2 has been selling almost as well as Book 1! That would appear to mean that the majority of people who read “Voyage of the Elysian” then go on to read “The Discovery”. That is most heartening.


Those of you waiting for the publication of Astronomicon Book 3: Distant Relatives, will be pleased to hear that today I completed the writing of all the chapters up to 20. On the current plan, I only expect there to be another five chapters (although that could always change!), so the end is very much in sight now.


Editing and proofreading is always difficult to predict, and largely depends on how good a job I did on the manuscript, but I would like to see the e-book release being published before the end of this month.