Voyage of the Elysian


“For an indeterminable moment there was a tiny point of icy coldness, nothing more. An instant later it exploded outwards and filled areas of his mind he did not know existed. With it came a deep, unmerciful pain, seemingly piercing every atom of his body. Somehow he felt as though he was spinning.


Just when he thought he could bear no more, a blinding light filled his consciousness and the pain eased off, fading rapidly to a blissful nothing. He slowly became aware that he was floating and held against something soft, but his memory drew a blank on his location. A dizziness could not seem to decide whether it should be there or not. Slowly, too slowly, feeling returned and the cold numbness retreated, leaving just cold. Even so, he still could not move…”

Astronomicon 1: Flight of the Elysian
The very first book of the Astronomicon series, and a slight anomaly in that the Astronomicon itself makes no appearance in this book. I view this book as more of a prequel to the rest of the series. It sets the scene and gives an excellent benchmark for the level of human technology prior to the Astronomicon’s appearance in book 2.


Put briefly this book covers the Interstellar colonisation vessel Elysian setting out on its mission to safely deliver a small community of human colonists to an uninhabited planet in the Proxima Centauri system. Disaster strikes as they near their destination and, after crashing the vessel on the Proxima 3, the survivors end up fighting for survival on the inhospitable surface of the planet. They soon discover that plummeting temperatures, low oxygen levels and natural obstacles are not the only things challenging their survival.


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