The Discovery


“He was filled with a sickening fear as he realised that each of the craters was surrounded by cracks, cracks that were slowly spreading. There were more bangs and the ship shook again. He hoped it was only his imagination that could hear the window groaning. In growing panic he launched himself back towards the door. Before he reached it there was an almighty, ear-popping bang as the window detonated into small fragments, all sucked immediately out into the void. There was a rushing sound for a moment as he felt the air rush past his skin, then a total silence descended as there was no longer any atmosphere for sound to propagate within. His mouth was already closed, but he clamped it tighter, holding his breath and reached again for the door panel. It was too late, he was already drifting at speed towards the gaping hole where the window had been. He looked around frantically for any handholds, anything at all.
His lungs screamed in pain, desperate to suck in air that was no longer there. He grabbed frantically at the frame of the window but could not grip its smooth, curved surface. All he succeeded in doing was setting himself spinning. As he passed out into the void beyond the ship be could feel the odd, cooling sensation of moisture rapidly evaporating from his lips and eyes.”

Front cover of Astronomicon: The Discovery

Although this is the best entry point to the whole Astronomicon Story, it is actually the second novel in the Astronomicon series. It was published on Amazon on the 20th February 2012. Please read the full description, ratings and reviews (or write one!) on either the Amazon UK page or the Amazon US page.


27 years after establishing a colony on a planet in orbit around Proxima Centauri, the colonists make a bizarre discovery, one which could shake the very foundations of the human race. Chris Sergov coordinates the investigation to establish if the discovery is genuine, but will the rest of the colonists believe the results?

Meanwhile back within our solar system, political changes are afoot that will end space exploration completely. A large mining community living on the moons of Jupiter has no intention of quietly returning to Earth and decides to break away from Earth control. A fast moving plot involving terrorism, military action, tricks, diversions, a coup and assassination ensues…

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