Progress Report

Book 3 (Distant Relatives) is progressing well. If all goes to plan I will have the writing complete in the next few weeks and then I can hand it over for editing and proof-reading. It’s still looking good for the book being published during this summer. Most other projects are on hold until Book 3 is published, but as soon as it is you will see a flurry of activity:

  • Minor changes and improvements to this website.
  • Books 1,2 & 3 appearing in paperback form.
  • Diagrams and 3D models for Book 3 appearing here.
  • Some more short stories (Did everyone like “Astronomicon: Strike“?)

And, of course, work can then begin in earnest on Book 4. I already have much of that one planned out, and it should prove to be an interesting change of scene and provide answers to many of the mysteries left unexplained in Book 1.