Astronomicon: The Beginning is out!

Astronomicon: The Beginning - Front CoverA first novel is rarely going to be an author’s best work and, like most authors, my writing skills have improved with each novel. This isn’t usually a problem but as my first three books formed a series I can’t just forget the first one or two, leaving my future readers to just jump in part way through the overall story. That left me with only one solution – a revamp and repolish. So now, after many weeks of work, I am relaunching the first two books (Voyage of the Elysian and The Discovery) in a shiny new single volume.


Both have been re-edited, enhanced and augmented before being merged. It gave me opportunity to include more of the details from the original planning and enhance the dialogue (not my strong point back when I wrote Voyage of the Elysian). On top of all that I also sorted out exciting new front cover art.


The result, Astronomicon: The Beginning, is a much more worthy start to the Astronomicon series and is even more enjoyable than before. Buy it now in your local Amazon site:


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