Too much to do, too little time!

Astronomicon: The Beginning cover in 3D2019 hasn’t exactly gone to plan for me. I’m nowhere near where I should for the revamped (and rewritten) Astronomicon book 1. Everything has taken longer than I expected, mostly because I haven’t had as much time as I predicted but also because the new version of book 1 must fit in perfectly with all the other novels in the Astronomicon universe. That’s a complicated thing to achieve. 

I was hoping my many Patreon campaigns over the last year would have won over some patrons to help me in my quest to write novels as my full-time career. It’s been extremely slow going there so, for now at least, I must continue to dedicate most of my energy to my day job (boring!). 

I’m still working hard to improve my writing, produce the very best stories I possibly can and keep my many readers as happy as possible. All this would go faster if I could sell books on Amazon, gain some Patreon sponsors and acquire a literary agent, but I’m going to keep doing the best I can regardless.

If I can get the planning work completed before the start of November, I might use NaNoWriMo 2019 as a means to get it written. It’s hard to say if I’ll get 50,000 words done in a month, but it’s a good extra incentive to motivate me.

The tough part will be finishing Astronomicon: Behemoth, designing a new cover for Astronomicon Book 1, finding a literary agent, writing Astronomicon 4 and getting two novels I’ve already written published on Amazon before the end of this year!