Download science fiction thriller “Astronomicon: Icarus” for just 99c

Astronomicon: Icarus front cover imageGreat news for anyone who hasn’t already benefited from this great offer on Astronomicon: Icarus. The response to the 99c offer I started last year has been so positive that I’ve decided to extend it until the end of this month. So now you can download this sci-fi thriller from Amazon for less than a dollar.


Here’s the blurb:


The Astronomicon Universe continues to grow with this standalone book telling the story of deep space mining vessel Icarus. Set in 2078, whilst working the Trojan asteroid cloud, Captain Taylor and his small crew discover a mysterious prototype ship drifting in space having suffered a catastrophic failure.


Battling the dangers of the asteroid field, the Icarus crew attempt to rescue the survivors of the stricken ship. Meanwhile a vessel from Earth is coming to deal with the damaged prototype but with a conflicting agenda. After unwittingly discovering the bizarre secret of the prototype vessel, the crew of the Icarus end up fighting for their own survival.


This addition to the Astronomicon book series will appeal to fans of science fiction and thrillers alike.



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Woohoo another good review on Amazon!

Astronomicon: Icarus front cover imageI have to admit that Astronomicon: Icarus is just about my favourite Astronomicon book, so far anyway. Being a standalone novel, it’s not part of the ongoing series but it is set very much in the same universe. If you haven’t already heard about it, you can find out more here.


It’s gathered two reviews on and one on So far it looks like my US readers love it, but those from here in the UK just think it’s quite good. I am curious as to why that might be. Looks like I need to get more reviews!


Amazon US reviewsAmazon UK review.





Want to get Astronomicon: The Beginning for free?

Astronomicon: The Beginning - Front Cover

“3 Space craft, 240 colonists, 25 trillion miles and a discovery that changes everything.”


Exciting news! As a key part of the big launch event for Astronomicon: The Beginning, the epic first volume of the Astronomicon series, I will be holding two amazing days where the e-book version will be completely free to download from Amazon for all Kindles and compatibles (Android phones/tablets, Windows computers, MacOS computers and iOS devices).

The free days will be the 12th and 13th of June. Don’t worry, I will announce it again closer to the dates and again as the event begins. Use the social network links on the left to follow me to make sure you get the announcements! You don’t want to miss out.


This is the final release version of the book, re-edited and repolished, featuring extra material and proper content pages. If you have previously downloaded Astronomicon: Voyage of the Elysian or Astronomicon: The Discovery, then you simply have to get this one.


To find out much more about Astronomicon: The Beginning click here.

Astronomicon: Icarus is published – Buy it now!

Front Cover of Astronomicon: IcarusIt’s taken a while to get to this stage, a new stricter proof-reading system being the main cause of delay, but Icarus is now available from and


This is the first of the “Astronomicon Universe” books. These books are within the main Astronomicon universe, sharing the same technology, history and races, but do not form part of the ongoing core story. Astronomicon: Icarus can be read as part of the Astronomicon series or on its own as a standalone novel.


Set in 2078, it tells the intriguing story of the deep space mining vessel Icarus and its discovery of a stranded prototype vessel deep within the Trojan asteroid cluster in the orbit of Jupiter. The crew of the Icarus decide to rescue the survivors of the prototype vessel and unwitting become involved in a battle to protect secrets, save lives and escape with their own. Few things are what they appear to be, but will they work everything out in time?


I would love to hear what everyone thinks of this exciting, new novel. I have several more non-core Astronomicon novels in the early planning stages, and it would be excellent to get some feedback before I start work on those properly.