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Do you like reviewing quality #SciFi novels?

Let’s face it, organic reviews, those which readers just spontaneously choose to write without coercion or encouragement from the author, are just too hard to get. I thought that hundreds of sales of this novel would lead to a few dozen reviews, but this has not happened. Now I could […]

Unmissable Low Price for 390 Pages of Quality Science Fiction

After having had over two dozen people request this (some more than once!), I’ve given in and repriced Astronomicon: The Beginning (First book in the epic Astronomicon series) down to just 99c (that’s just 79p in the UK). That low price makes a fantastic ┬ábargain for 390 pages of highly […]

Astronomicon: Icarus $0.99 offer

Those of you who missed the promotional offer on Astronomicon: The Beginning will be pleased to hear that I’m now running the same offer on Astronomicon: Icarus.   For a limited time this stand-alone science fiction novel is available to download from Amazon for just 99c (or 77p here in […]