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Just A Minor Malfunction #scifi Magazine Issue #3

I’m very pleased to announce that I succeeded in getting another of my science fiction short stories into Just Another Minor Malfunction magazine, this time the third issue. Woohoo! Having got stories into two out of three issues, I’m going to try again for issue four. The great news for you […]

#Free #SciFi @Shortstory alert!

Guardian Angel A new artificial intelligence escapes from the lab. Could its creator have ever predicted the ultimate outcome of its programming? Read the whole story here.

Astronomicon: Boundary – Free science fiction short story

In between writing the epic Astronomicon novels, I like to try out smaller ideas in the form of short stories. I usually set those within the Astronomicon universe too as it instantly gives me a coherent world in which to place the story. For short fiction, I love to explore […]