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Don’t tell me how good I am!

It’s SO hard to write this article without sounding ungrateful, so I want to stress, right from the beginning, that I am extremely grateful for all the support and positive feedback from my readers. It keeps me going and encourages me to write more. Almost every day I get messages […]

How to Get the Best #Indie Books on Amazon

Anyone who has ever browsed independently published ebooks on Amazon will know the daunting, overpoweringly vast range of books available.  Every so often you stumble across an excellent book, a true treasure, but we’ve all wasted lots of time wading through a great many poor books too. With so much […]

Good reviews are hard to get

Since I published the first Astronomicon novel about three years ago, I’ve consistently found it difficult to get any genuine readers to leave reviews on sites like Amazon and GoodReads.com. Admittedly it’s a mixed blessing as, while no reviews means no good reviews, ┬áit means no bad reviews either.   […]