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Milestone Reached: 10,000 #Wattpad Followers

Astronomicon on WattpadWattpad is simply the biggest, and I would say the best, fiction sharing site on the Internet. Over 45 million active users and tens of thousands of authors writing and sharing their works to a simply colossal audience, make this THE site to be if you write fiction.

I’ve been active there for a couple of years and it was very slow going when I first joined. It took a few months for me to find my way around the clubs, forums and systems there but, once I got the hang of it, I began to get a LOT of positive feedback for my books and now receive daily requests for me to hurry up and finish the next book and get that posted there too. Now I’m celebrating reaching the milestone of 10,000 followers. When I joined, I never expected to get more than a fraction of that total.

It’s a wonderfully friendly and helpful community, but don’t worry, if you make a mistake someone is sure to point it out to you. Over the last couple of years, I’ve received some of the most detailed and constructive critiques I’ve ever received online.

I’ve tried out more writing community sites over the years that I can remember, and most of them have been a waste of time but Wattpad is a keeper! As an author, it’s well worth spending some time there every day. Just stay patient and don’t expect instant results.

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Nike is a sport leading company that is popular on the planet because of the sports accessories such as shoes, clothing, etc..”BRING INSPIRATION AND INNOVATION TO EVERY ATHLETE IN THE WORLD” is Nike’s motto. The Nike Business was set on January 25, 1964, As Blue Ribbons sports. It was founded by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight and it formally became Nike, Inc, on May 30, 1971. The business takes its title from Nike, the Greek goddess of success.

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Nike company wishes to do something much better for its own growth. To create growing business must do something innovative. And because Nike begins a research to understand about their client’s Satisfaction. This poll is known as the Nike Survey. By means of this site, clients can pay a visit to this poll.

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Nike Survey Benefits & Prize

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McDVoice Survey – McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you’re a McDonald’s routine and wish to acquire the prospect of winning a reward, then a free dinner or a reduction on the next order, it is easy to do this by engaging in the continuing McDVoice consumer comments online poll here

Wherever you reside or travel round the Earth, you’re extremely likely to encounter one of those over 40,000 restaurants situated in 121 countries around the planet.

You’re not alone when you’re ordering your favourite McDonald’s meal. In reality, approximately 90 million people across the globe eat in McDonald’s!

The famous fast food restaurant chain is still that the 2nd biggest one on the world, following Subway.

What’s the McDVoice poll?

Together with its ever-growing variety of restaurants situated in almost all countries on the planet, the management of McDonald’s finds it’s essential to present a consistent customer experience and satisfaction with its own menu, support, amenities and the rest of the facets that make the McDonald’s series so unique and favored by millions.

This is the reason why the firm has put up an internet poll in
The intention of the questionnaire is to collect useful feedback from the consumers in respect to their overall opinions regarding McDonald’s, regarding their perspectives concerning the food as well as the menus provided, in regards to the ceremony and the worker friendliness and efficacy, and regarding their own satisfaction or dissatisfaction with all the centers cleanliness and the surroundings from the McDonald’s restaurants.

This info is useful for the managing of the giant restaurant series, as it assists solve any problems, enhance the standard of the service and food provided and also to keep more of its clients satisfied with their McDonald’s expertise.

To be able to redeem you to get time spent completing the online McDVoice poll, McDonald’s is prepared to hand you some reward, a free hamburger, muffin, a particular meal or a different item, or a unique bonus like a reduction or even free order on another trip to the grocery store.

The reward you get is dependent upon the McDVoice poll interval. You may discover the present prizes provided for becoming a player in the internet McDonald’s client satisfaction program polls terms of support here.

Everything you want to get involved in the McDVoice client poll

A legal receipt for an order at one of McDonald’s chains or restaurants from the previous seven days that includes a 26 digit poll code or never.
An online connection and a pc, smartphone or a different web connected device to get the survey site in
You have to be at least 15 years old to share in this McDVoice poll.
You need to be a resident of the US or the District of Columbia
You should know either Spanish or English since the poll is offered in just both of these languages.
It is possible to take part in as much as 5 surveys a month, however frequently you eat in McDonald’s.
You have to maintain your reward around seven days after finishing the McDVoice poll.
Here’s a step-by-step manual for finishing the McDVoice poll
To be able to acquire a prize like a dinner or a reduction in McDonald’s, then you need to finish the customer satisfaction questionnaire at

The steps are extremely straightforward, and there are no complex or confusing queries, or so the questionnaire should take you no more than five minutes to finish and become eligible for a payoff.

Listed below are the steps in detail that can make your expertise with the Internet poll by McDonald’s simpler:

Train your reception that ought to be in the previous 7 days prepared and locate the 26 digit poll code.
Assess your internet link, open an online browser and visit the official McDonald’s poll website at
Start off by inputting the 26 digit questionnaire code in the reception.
Once the code is supported, you may keep on using the internet survey.
In the event you can not appear to discover the questionnaire code onto your own destination, click the choice in the base”In case you do not possess a 26 poll code listed here”. You’ll be redirected to a different window in which you want to fill in the specifics in the reception such as: the shop amount, the KS amount, the time and date of the trip, the purchase and the total amount spent. Do not worry, this info is helpful and on your latest reception, and there’s a manual telling you in which to start looking for the info requested.
Once you’re prepared, you’ll be offered to the poll itself. It includes a few fundamental questions concerning your expertise during your final trip to McDonald’s. Attempt to be as fair as you can when answering the queries concerning the grade of the food, the costs, the support supplied, the behaviour of their personnel in addition to the cleanliness of this socket. You have to answer all queries contained in the questionnaire so as to finish it successfully.
Once you finish the survey, you’ll get a verification code, which you may utilize to find a free dinner or even a reduction on another McDonald’s excursion over another 7 days.
The very best approach to ensure that you are able to use your reduction or get your free reward would be to write down the identification code to the back of the reception and take it with you personally.
The next time you create a buy at McDonald’s, only demonstrate the reception together with the validation code into the salesperson functioning you and you’ll obtain the reward or reduction.
Understand that you’re allowed just 5 surveys a month, and you have to be a US or District of Columbia resident 15 decades old or older to take part in the McDVoice poll and also to maintain the prizes provided.
For Those Who Have a difficulty technical or some other Whilst filling out the online poll, first assess your net connection then if the Issue continues you can get help in the favorable McDonald’s customer support in 1-800-244-6227, that will be accessible 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CST
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Which are the goals of this McDVoice poll?

Being the 2nd big and potentially the most identifiable fast food chain on the planet, the direction of McDonald’s needs to make sure that each one of the millions of clients served on a daily basis are all pleased with the food, and the costs, the team’s attitude, the support supplied, the cleanliness in addition to the total client experience.

The key goals of this McDVoice client satisfaction survey would be to acquire fair and objective responses from the consumers so as to continuously enhance the consumer experience, to solve any problems or issues concerning the foods, the worker’s behaviour, the cleanliness and the services offered at the McDonald’s outlets in the united states.

The Continuing online client survey permits for:

Receiving firsthand target feedback from the consumers in respect to the food grade, the costs, the cleanliness, and the team’s attitude and the support supplied by any McDonald’s restaurant.
Better assessment of those workers of this fast food giant.
To achieve to new thoughts concerning the techniques to enhance the customer satisfaction degree.
To locate the best settlements to some ongoing difficulties or issues which the clients might have with McDonald’s.
Considering that the goal of this McDVoice survey would be to acquire truthful information that will aid in improving the experience for you as well as for the other clients who would rather eat at McDonald’s, then it’s essential that you attempt to be as fair as you can.

Even when you’re not that pleased with your most recent adventure at McDonald’s, do not be scared to acknowledge that if filling out the replies to the queries of this poll. Do not worry, you will still receive a confirmation code to get a reward or dismiss, even in the event that you decide to leave negative feedback!

Other methods to get McDonald’s customer support
Even in the event that you don’t possess a current reception, or in case you do not need to take part in the McDVoice poll, you’re still able to provide your comments into McDonald’s through different channels for communicating open and available to clients.

The FAQs

In case you’ve got a issue or a complaint you’d like to document in relate to the food, the service, the team’s attitude, the cleanliness along with other difficulties about McDonald’s, then be certain to check the FAQs and frequent concerns usefully laid out in https://www.McDonald’

If you can not find an answer for your specific issue, or when you’ve got a suggestion or other comments you want to talk with McDonald’s, then you can get in touch with its customer support service in many various ways.

The Internet Contact us webpage

Proceed into https://www.McDonald’ and pick the acceptable thing from your Feedback and question menu. Now you have an option of picking: Restaurant opinions, General question, Mobile program comments and interrogate consent.

In the event you opt for the Restaurant comments, you’ll be requested to join the restaurant you’re speaking about by choosing your place or entering a zip code. Then you have to put in your title, your US address, your own telephone, and email. When you publish your comments you’ll find a confirmation code, along with the customer support team will return to you immediately.

For the overall query choice, you are able to pick from many different general themes such as: advertisements, promotions and games, menu items along with supplements info, societal responsibilities and gifts and many others. Once again you’ll be requested to complete your name and then enter valid contact info.

In case you have opinions or questions that you need to talk regarding the McDonald’s cellphone program, selected the Mobile program choice and move to enter your cell device kind, the cell operating system, then the edition of the program you’re using and your comments. Add your name, telephone, and email, so the customer support team may respond to your query or comments.

Via that the McDonald’s mobile program

Download and set up the McDonald’s cellular program for the Android here and also for iOS here. You can send comments using the Cell program, and make use of the helpful and convenient program for ordering meals, finding others and deals

Contact McDonald’s societal networking webpages to leave your opinions or for additional opinions

You can always make your words of information, your complaints or provide your suggestions in among McDonald’s official Social Networking profiles and pages or send direct messages

At last! #scifi #novel

Cover of Astronomicon: DeadlineSorry it’s taken over three years for my latest novel “Deadline” to see the light of day. As of today, it is available all over the world to download from Amazon (or at least all the places where Amazon is available).

It is a standalone novel, set firmly within the Astronomicon universe, but is probably my biggest departure in style so far. Most of my works to date have contained elements of humour, mostly within dialogue, but Deadline is different as the whole novel is written as a humorous, action adventure of a more farcical nature.

It follows two main characters who, for differing reasons, need to get back to Earth from Jupiter before a deadline. The problem is everything around them gets in the way. They never expected to face aliens, space pirates,  agents from a shadowy government organisation and a mystery intruder.

Download your copy from Amazon.