Those Left Behind

New front cover art for “Those Left Behind”

Those Left Behind - front cover artIt’s not only vitally important for a book cover to be eye-catching. It’s also critical that it works well and remains clear when displayed at a huge variety of sizes. The previous cover for Astronomicon: Those Left Behind did not fulfil either of those aims properly.

The image itself was excellent, a huge, planetary scale detonation viewed from orbit, but the layout of the titles was just too small and cluttered to work at smaller sizes.

The new design, shown above, works right down to thumbnail size, has more visual impact and generally looks more polished. I hope you all like it.

You may notice that I have also tweaked the colour-scheme and texture of the font used for the titles. The font itself is too good to lose, but I have felt for a while now that the gold colour was simply too vibrant. It may have been eye-catching, but it was straying into tacky. Hopefully the new finish is a little more tasteful and has a more dramatic feel to it. Of course now I’m going to have to modify all my other book covers to match and the title banner of this website too!

The big day has arrived!

Front cover art for Those Left Behind (Astronomicon #3)It’s been a busy year so far. Those Left Behind, the 3rd book in the Astronomicon core series, was finished at the end of last year, but it’s taken over six months to complete the editing, proofreading and polishing. It’s been a great deal of hard work to get this far, but with every book I write, I learn more and improve my craft. The importance of checking and rechecking, getting experienced opinions and advice cannot be overstated. It’s impossible to achieve the perfect novel, but striving to get close is a most worthwhile effort. I’m sure you will agree that good science fiction has to be polished and consistent.


I am pleased to be able to announce that Astronomicon: Those Left Behind has just been released on Amazon for all Kindle devices and compatibles (almost all PCs, Macs, Android and iOS devices).


This is the best Astronomicon novel yet, setting the foundations for many of the story elements in the first two books (The Beginning & Distant Relatives),  and widening the ongoing Astronomicon universe further than ever before.


To find out more, click here…

Astrononicon: Those Left Behind out by the weekend!

Front cover art for Those Left Behind (Astronomicon #3)The long awaited publication of Astronomicon: Those Left Behind, the third book in the successful science fiction series, is finally imminent. Having completed its final edit and proofread, it’s just a few technicalities to complete and then the novel will be available on Amazon.


As soon as it is available for purchase, I will announce it here.










Sneak preview of front cover art for the next Astronomicon novel

Regular visitors of this site will be aware that Astronomicon: Those Left Behind is about to be published. It’s an exciting and very busy time for me. Lots of things to check, lots of minor tweaks and a fair bit of stress too. There’s always the fear that an error or typo will somehow creep through all the checking, proofreading and editing. My team of trusty proofreaders are very good, but still mostly human!


Today I received the proof copy of the front cover art for Those Left Behind. You won’t be surprised to know that I don’t draw/paint my own front covers. My artistic skills are far from good enough for that. I’m very hopeful that in future one of my children will be able to create cover art for me, but we’re not quite there yet.


Anyway, getting back to the point: here is the latest design:


Front cover art for Those Left Behind (Astronomicon #3)