Book 3

Just ONE WEEK until Book 3: Distant Relatives big launch!

The BIG launch day for “Astronomicon 3: Distant Relatives” just ONE WEEK away now. It’s going to take some serious work to achieve that date, but I’m still on schedule!


This one has taken fairly extensive editing to get into shape, but I believe you will agree that the results are my best yet. A vast fleet of mysterious large objects appears in our Solar system apparently on a course that will take them near to Earth. The Coalition of Nations must deal with the political, religious and technical ramifications that this causes. In this book, the human race discover that we have both friends and enemies beyond our world.


Earth finally begins to get a taste of how little we know of the threats in the universe and the Coalition of Nations must decide whether our new found allies are everything they claim to be. A storm is coming and Earth must prepare.


This book features several lead characters from previous books in the series, and introduces many new ones. A fast-paced adventure following events on Earth and terrifying developments back on the Proxima Centauri Colony Melius.



Book 3: Distant Relatives goes to proofreading!

Another big step on the way to publication was started today. The team of trusty proofreaders received their first copies of Book 3: Distant Relatives today. Always a daunting moment for me, I fear being snowed under in a mass of corrections. It doesn’t matter how much proofreading I do myself, it’s no replacement for getting it done properly.


After any reported corrections have been made the book goes before the editor. If any significant changes are made at that stage it may go back to proofreading.



If everything goes at least roughly to plan, the third, and I believe  most exciting yet, instalment of Astronomicon will be published on 18th August. Sorry for the delay, but when you read it I think you will agree it was well worth the wait.





Progress Report

It’s been far too long since I did a proper progress report. Sales of Astronomicon Book 1 have been pleasing for the last few weeks, selling nicely. That’s good, but the best thing is that Astronomicon Book 2 has been selling almost as well as Book 1! That would appear to mean that the majority of people who read “Voyage of the Elysian” then go on to read “The Discovery”. That is most heartening.


Those of you waiting for the publication of Astronomicon Book 3: Distant Relatives, will be pleased to hear that today I completed the writing of all the chapters up to 20. On the current plan, I only expect there to be another five chapters (although that could always change!), so the end is very much in sight now.


Editing and proofreading is always difficult to predict, and largely depends on how good a job I did on the manuscript, but I would like to see the e-book release being published before the end of this month.



Progress Report

Book 3 (Distant Relatives) is progressing well. If all goes to plan I will have the writing complete in the next few weeks and then I can hand it over for editing and proof-reading. It’s still looking good for the book being published during this summer. Most other projects are on hold until Book 3 is published, but as soon as it is you will see a flurry of activity:

  • Minor changes and improvements to this website.
  • Books 1,2 & 3 appearing in paperback form.
  • Diagrams and 3D models for Book 3 appearing here.
  • Some more short stories (Did everyone like “Astronomicon: Strike“?)

And, of course, work can then begin in earnest on Book 4. I already have much of that one planned out, and it should prove to be an interesting change of scene and provide answers to many of the mysteries left unexplained in Book 1.