Paperback on the way!

I don’t have a release date yet, but I’m well on the way to seeing Astronomicon: Voyage of the Elysia appear in print. It’s currently in the format and layout stage, but could be heading to the presses in the next few days. It’s been successful as an e-book, so […]

Astronomicon: The Discovery is published!

I am pleased to announce that the second novel in the Astronomicon series is now available direct from Amazon UK and Amazon US.   “27 years after establishing a colony on a planet in orbit around Proxima Centauri, the colonists make a bizarre discovery, one which shakes the very foundations […]

Astronomicon: The Discovery in final proofreading.

The second book in the Astronomicon series of novels is very close to being published now. I’m just waiting for the final proofreading to be completed and then, after any remaining errors have been, it will be released for sale. For those of you who have not already seen it, […]

Illustrations and diagrams

For the second book in the Astronomicon series, I am attempting to develop a new and hopefully useful skill. As well as creating and writing the story, I am going to also going to create suitable diagrams, possibly to be used as illustrations within the book, but more likely to […]