New lower price for Voyage of the Elysian

Admittedly I am still experimenting to find a good price point for the 1st book in the Astronomicon series.   I cannot deny that most people choose the books they buy more by the name of the author than anything else. Most people have their familiar authors and their favourite […]

Book 2 progress report

Things are bound to go slowly over the Christmas period, but writing has gone very well for the past few days. I really think I’ve got a very good chance of finishing the first draft before the end of December. Obviously there’s a lot of editing, checking and proofreading to […]

Welcome to the centre of the Astronomicon Universe

You have found the official home of the¬†Astronomicon series of scifi novels. Four novels have been published and a fifth is on the way. This epic series charts the progress of the human race from early interstellar exploration, through political upheavals, subterfuge, first contact, interstellar wars and even the reason […]