Clarifying the Situation re: Inception Point

ARead Inception Point for FREE on Wattpadfter the mass of questions and complaints I’ve received over the past couple of weeks, I feel I should clarify the situation with Astronomicon: Inception Point and Astronomicon: The Beginning.


I believe the simplest way I can put it is: “Inception Point” is a completely new book, written to directly replace “The Beginning” as the first book in the Astronomicon series. It has not yet replaced it as it is not finished.


To make this totally clear, here is a list of things that are NOT the case:

  • You do not have to decide whether to read “The Beginning” or “Inception Point” first. They fill the same slot in the series and “The Beginning” will be retiring completely soon.
  • You cannot read the first 10 chapters of “The Beginning” then jump to chapter 11 of “Inception Point”. They are different books with hugely varying stories. Chapters in them are NOT interchangeable.
  • There’s no point complaining when reading “Inception Point” that things are different from how you remember them in “The Beginning”. They are DIFFERENT books, with different stories.
  • “Inception Point” is NOT an edited/enhanced version of “The Beginning”. It’s a new book.
  • I will NOT keep BOTH novels on Amazon as that would be hugely confusing for readers.
  • If you’ve already purchased “The Beginning” (which was and IS free BTW), then you can’t have Inception Point for free. It’s a different book and it’s NOT free (Although 99p is pretty cheap!).
  • No, I will not rewrite “Inception Point” to include your favourite scene from “The Beginning” – that would not make any sense.
  • No, I am not writing “Behemoth”. That is on hold until I finish “Inception Point”. I will announce when work begins again there.
  • No, the characters in “Inception Point” don’t all have the same names as “The Beginning”, nor are they all the same characters. Some have been removed, some replaced. It’s a different book!

I’m still posting a chapter per day on Wattpad, so it won’t be long before the entire “Inception Point” novel is complete.


Latest design of the ElysianWell, I didn’t finish my planning before the beginning of November, but that’s okay – I’ll plough on into writing it anyway. I’ll just have to fill in the holes in my planning as I go along. It’s hard to predict how long the book will be but the original was 125,500 words but I expect this one to be a little shorter, maybe more like 90-100,000 words. The challenge will be hitting that during November! I’ll need to average over 3300 words per day, every day, without fail. That’s going to be tough!

I must also come up with a new cover to match the new Elysian design. I’ve built a 3D model of the new ship but with nowhere near enough detail to render up for a book cover. My 3D design skills are not good enough for that job, so I need to come up with an alternative plan for that. There won’t be a cover reveal until I’ve sort that one.

The new ship design is a coup for me. The original Elysian in the first edition of “The Beginning” was more akin to a miniature Battlestar Galactica than anything realistic. The new version (shown in the illustration here) is very nearly within our construction capabilities now. It’s over 20 years since I wrote the original novel and I expected our space technology to have moved on somewhat further than it has by now. Clearly, the original Elysian will not be possible in 2037 but this new design should be creatable within the next 18 years. Sadly, I see no intention by any country to populate other star systems. Everyone seems set to just continue in worsening pollution and poverty until we are strangled by our own uncontrolled overpopulation.

On a lighter note, there’s a new title for the book too. I’m keeping that secret for now as it might yet change. With the extra workload, I’m not going to be posting or tweeting much this month, but don’t worry, I haven’t given up. I’ll try to post occasional updates on my progress to compensate. If you’d like to support me on Patreon while I achieve this project, please click here for more information.

Top 6 social media platforms for #writers

Having spent a few years trying out a whole range of writing communities and general social media and networking platforms, I believe I’ve isolated those that are worthwhile and dropped a huge number that are a waste of time. I realise that we’re never going to all agree on these and that some people are better suited for some than others, but here are my results in reverse order:


#6 GoodReads

Still struggling with this one but it is the second biggest author community out there. I find the reviews can be a little unhelpful – it’s one of only two places where I’ve received any negative reviews with no attempt at being constructive, but still mostly friendly and helpful. I don’t like the forums here and have never felt like part of the community. Worth adding all your books here. If you make any decent headway, please let me know how you did it! Visit GoodReads.


#5 Facebook

This one is only on the list because everyone would think I was crazy if I didn’t. I have to admit I just don’t get on with Facebook. The interface is confusing, cluttered and unintuitive. In all the years I’ve been there, I’ve gathered just 9 followers. That’s about 3000 times less than Wattpad and not much more than a third of my Minds following (and I’ve only been there a few weeks).  I keep persevering with Facebook but it’s not been of any benefit for me. Visit Facebook.


 #4 Google+

I know many people would rate this one higher but it’s been problematic for me. For the first few months, it worked and I got on with it very well. I gathered lots of followers and seemed to be doing well then it all died. I’ve only gained about 20 followers (yes I know the jargon is “20 people added me to their circles”) in the last 6 months, but I’m still trying to make headway there. Visit Google+.


#3 Minds

This one is very much the new kid on the estate and it’s probably too early to say if this one is going to be a hit, but their interface is great and the social aspect of the community works very well. The writing community is only a small subsection but it is only just starting out and growing fast every day. Activities in the community such as posting or voting gain you boost points, you even get 50 points per hour just for visiting. These points can then be used to boost your points – great for your next big book launch or competition! Visit Minds.


#2 Twitter

Twitter is simply massive. Everyone’s heard of it and (almost) everyone is on it. Better still, unlike some more restrictive social networks, it’s easy (and totally permitted) to have more than one profile there. You can have a personal account, an author account and some authors even have accounts for their main characters too! The main drawback with Twitter is that there’s too much activity and once you’re properly engaged in the community you’ll receive far more tweets than you can read. However, follow the right people and it’s a great way to find out about publishing opportunities, writing competitions and lots more, all while connecting with a few readers along the way. Visit Twitter.


#1 Wattpad

I really wish I’d discovered this year years earlier. Excellent site for connecting with a simply colossal number of readers as well as other authors. Highly active and friendly community with forums, competitions, rankings and a comprehensive comments systems. I’ve made more contacts here than anywhere else and it’s a great place to get feedback on your writing. Visit Wattpad.


No doubt I will be adding more to this list in future and, of course, I will rename the post accordingly. If you have any suggestions for writing communities or similar that I might not have tried yet, please add them to the comments below. In the meantime, I hope this list is useful to you.