Monthly archives: June 2013

Sneak preview of front cover art for the next Astronomicon novel

Regular visitors of this site will be aware that Astronomicon: Those Left Behind is about to be published. It’s an exciting and very busy time for me. Lots of things to check, lots of minor tweaks and a fair bit of stress too. There’s always the fear that an error or typo will somehow creep through all the checking, proofreading and editing. My team of trusty proofreaders are very good, but still mostly human!


Today I received the proof copy of the front cover art for Those Left Behind. You won’t be surprised to know that I don’t draw/paint my own front covers. My artistic skills are far from good enough for that. I’m very hopeful that in future one of my children will be able to create cover art for me, but we’re not quite there yet.


Anyway, getting back to the point: here is the latest design:


Front cover art for Those Left Behind (Astronomicon #3)

Freebie download report

Astronomicon: The Beginning - Front CoverIt’s been quite a while since I last did a freebie promotion on any of my books. I was about to announce that this one for Astronomicon: The Beginning has been the second best one to date, but then I realised that as Amazon runs promotions on one of the American timezones, there is actually more than eight hours left to go. That’s plenty of time to rack up a few hundred more downloads.


As people are still taking advantage of this excellent offer at quite a pace, there’s a pretty good chance that this promotion will set a new record for me. More importantly, people are already purchasing the sequel (Distant Relatives) and even Icarus. What I find most heartening is the number of people who appear to be buying both of those books at the same time.


It’s definitely a LOT harder to persuade people to try a free book than it was two years ago. I’ve used a lot of experience and contacts, even more preparation and great deal of work to let as many people know as possible but have only achieved a slightly higher rate than last year when I did about a quarter of the work.