Getting the numbers right

Novel volume numbers


Prior to publishing the next two Astronomicon novels, I’ve decided it’s wise to sort out the numbering of the novels so far. As part of the revamped Book 1 (being released soon!) I will be combining Book 1 (Voyage of the Elysian) and Book 2 (The Discovery) into a single volume. The new combined novel will be titled “Astronomicon: The Beginning” and will leave the series without a book 2. I don’t want to head off into more novels with the Core novels sequence going 1,3,4,5…


In a one-off move, which I realise might cause some temporary confusion, I will be renumbering Book 3 to 2. The next book to be launched of Book 0 (Those Left Behind) will change to become the new Book 3. Astronomicon: Icarus will be unaffected by these changes. As an Astronomicon Universe novel it is not part of the numbered sequence of Core novels.


My aim is for this to be the final change to the numbers. Sorry for any confusion these changes may cause, but it’s worth it to get everything right before publishing any more novels.