Book 0: Those Left Behind

What was Book 4 is now Book 0, the prequel for the entire Astronomicon series. Although this was not my original plan, it makes more sense as events in Book 0 occur before all the other books, and events in this new book form the whole basis for the main storyline of Book 3.


I’m pleased to announce that the writing stage of Book 0 is almost complete. This time proof-reading and editing has been taking place during the writing process, hopefully this will reduce the delay before publication, but we’ll have to see it that pans out. So far I am very pleased with the results.¬†This is easily the best book in the Astronomicon series so far. Best story, best character motivations, twists, surprises, and even a happy ending in the face of a total catastrophe. I just love the way this book has come together.


I’m really looking forward to hearing everyone’s reactions when this one is finally published.


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