Behemoth LogoIn my original Astronomicon novel, four colonisation vessels departed Earth for the Proxima Centauri star system. Of those vessels, the Elysian, Hesperian, Olympian and Arcadian, only three made it to the destination. The Arcadian appeared to simply disappear without a trace – no distress call, no explosion. The characters in the first book never discovered what had happened to the missing vessel.

Behemoth is the story of the Arcadian and her crew waking up from hibernation in a strange world, their quest to work out where they are, how to survive and ultimately how to escape.


You can read this science-fiction mystery for free on Wattpad and on the RadishFiction App (Free download on Android and iOS). 


Behemoth Book Cover version 1.2I plan to eventually publish it as a novel (possibly more than one depending on how long it gets) on Amazon after I’ve finished posting the entire work on Wattpad and RadishFiction.