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3 Astronomicon booksYou have found the official home of the Astronomicon series of scifi novels. Four novels have been published and a fifth is on the way. This epic series charts the progress of the human race from early interstellar exploration, through political upheavals, subterfuge, first contact, interstellar wars and even the reason for our existence.

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Back in 2011 I published the 1st volume of the series, Astronomicon: The Beginning on Amazon.  The 2nd volume, Astronomicon: Distant Relatives followed just the following year, also on Amazon. The 3rd  instalment, a prequel to the previous two books,  Astronomicon: Those Left Behind, was published in July 2013. In 2012, the first spin-off book set within the Astronomicon universe was published: Astronomicon: Icarus (also available on Amazon). More books are in development, with plans for six further Astronomicon books but writing all of them is going to take some time. This site is the best way to keep up with my progress or, if you prefer, use the social media links on the left side of this page and follow my progress.

Thank you for your support, especially to the rapidly growing number of people who have purchased my books.


Work has begun on #scifi epic Behemoth

After finishing my most recent Sceptic, which is still available for free on Wattpad until the end of April, I have now started work in earnest on Behemoth, a spin-off from the main Astronomicon series. The novel which started the series described five colonisation vessels built to travel to the Proxima Centauri system, the Elysian, Hesperian, Olympian, Arcadian and Uranian. The first three vessels made it, after a fashion, to their destination, and the fifth one was destroyed before it left Earth orbit. The fourth vessel, the Arcadian, left Earth but failed to reach its destination. Its fate has been left as a mystery, until now.

Astronomicon: Behemoth will tell the story of the Arcadian, her eighty crew and why they failed to reach Proxima Centauri. This project will be somewhat different from my previous ones.  Rather than a novel (or series of novels) this will be structured as an ongoing serial, split into episodes and released one chapter at a time on RadishFiction.com.

At this stage, it’s very hard to predict when the big launch date will arrive but I’m aiming to kick things off before the end of May. As I get closer to having the story ready, I will post more information here before ultimately doing a big launch here, on Twitter, Google+ and Wattpad. Basically, watch this space!

Try Sceptic for #free

Sceptic CoverMy latest science fiction novel Sceptic is currently available for free on Wattpad. It will only be there until the end of April so don’t delay if you want to give it a try.

It’s a departure from my previous novels so I want to try it out for a limited time to find out what people think before I publish it on Amazon etc.

A scifi thriller set a long way in the future, it describes a world that we seem to be heading towards with a chilling inevitability.  Two men, one with a head injury and no memory of the past and another developing a new variant of artificial brain, are thrown together by fate and end up fighting for their freedom in a world ruled by the last remaining religion.


Read it for free here.

Happy New Year

I want to take a moment to wish Happy New Year to all my readers (and future readers) and thank you for your support during 2016. It was an interesting year with some good moments and bad moments (too many bad ones), but I don’t think it’s going to stand out as a breakthrough year in very many ways.

3 Astronomicon Novels

2017 should be a much better one. I have two new novels almost completed and expect to write another during the next few months. Maybe I can get my Patreon campaign off the ground too. Currently, I write purely as a hobby and I’d love to be able to write full time. My novels are all available on Amazon etc. but don’t make anywhere near enough money (yet!) for me to quit my day job. By the end of 2017, I would love to be able to cut my working hours by one day per week, giving me 4-5 more days per month to dedicate to writing. If I could achieve that, I could easily produce three novels per year.

My next big release in 2017 will be “Sceptic”, my first dystopian future novel. I need to get it out as soon as possible because it’s a predicted future that we are heading towards at frightening speed. I don’t want it to lose its impact by reality getting there first!

Anyway, here’s hoping that we all have an excellent 2017!

Let’s make this a good one.



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