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Can you plan too much? #scifi

As most of my works are science fiction, I tend to end up with many scenes set on space craft. Some of these are brief, but in my more recent books space craft have featured more heavily. Sometimes I’ve sketched out deck plans on paper, detailing just the locations which […]

How much planning is enough?

I’ve always been keen on doing a sensible amount of planning for each new novel I write, but over time I’ve found myself doing increasing amounts of preparation work. ¬†As usual I still find that I only use a minor proportion of the planning material in the resultant novel. Character […]

New cover art for Astronomicon: Icarus

I’m really keen to hear what everyone thinks of this. Hopefully it’s the best Astronomicon front cover there has been to date, but I am worried it’s a little cheesy. Of course, cheesy is probably appropriate for a classic style science-fiction novel?   This time, instead of creating the artwork […]

More shots of the Icarus Mining Vessel

  With Christmas and the New Year, I haven’t had much time to work on the model of the Icarus. Here are some images of the latest version with more detail added and improved textures. To be honest, it needs someone with decent experience in 3D modelling and rendering to […]