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New cover art for Astronomicon: Icarus

Astronomicon Icarus new cover artI’m really keen to hear what everyone thinks of this. Hopefully it’s the best Astronomicon front cover there has been to date, but I am worried it’s a little cheesy. Of course, cheesy is probably appropriate for a classic style science-fiction novel?


This time, instead of creating the artwork myself, I’ve actually bought commercial rights to use someone else’s fantastic artwork as the main image. The overlayed titles etc. still maintain the exact same style as the previous Astronomicon front covers, so the series continuity is preserved.


The image I’ve chosen perfectly suits one of the early scenes in the novel where the crew of the Icarus Deep Space Mining Vessel are attempting to mine large asteroid when disaster strikes and they are left jumping for their lives.


So, what do you think? Big improvement? Or too cheesy?









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Astronomicon: The Discovery in final proofreading.

The second book in the Astronomicon series of novels is very close to being published now. I’m just waiting for the final proofreading to be completed and then, after any remaining errors have been, it will be released for sale. For those of you who have not already seen it, here is the front cover:

Kindle Cover for Astronomicon Book 2The cover features a view from the surface of Europa (One of Jupiter’s moons), looking up at Callisto (another moon) on its closest approach. The bright star you can see to the left is our sun.