Holy Earth

The fourth book of the Astronomicon series is still in the planning stages. For obvious reasons I don’t want to give to much away. Some things may yet change, including the title of the book!

Ever wondered what happened back on Earth, during the Elysian’s original voyage (Astronomicon Book 1)? This book fills in the gaps. While the crew of the Elysian are asleep in cryonic suspension, a senior engineer within the Colonisation Program is one of relatively few survivors of a colossal terrorist attack on the fourth colonisation vessel, the Uranian.

She sets out to discover how such an attack was possible and becomes convinced that it could only have succeeded with inside help. Unfortunately other parties need to stop her finding the truth and her investigation becomes both a race against time and a race for survival.

I am hoping to release this novel sometime during the last quarter of 2015, but I will keep you posted.