Monthly archives: December 2011

Illustrations and diagrams

For the second book in the Astronomicon series, I am attempting to develop a new and hopefully useful skill. As well as creating and writing the story, I am going to also going to create suitable diagrams, possibly to be used as illustrations within the book, but more likely to serve as decorations and useful diagrams for this website.

View Across Fish farm - Europa Mining FacilityAs you can see, it is very early days yet, but hopefully I will be able to model some of the key locations within the book and provide a whole new experience for visitors to this website. The diagram above is a view across an underground habitat serving a mining facility on Europa (one of the Galilean moons around Jupiter). The habitat is designed to be mostly self-sufficient, producing its own food and power, whilst protecting the miners living there from the high radiation levels present on the surface.

New lower price for Voyage of the Elysian

Admittedly I am still experimenting to find a good price point for the 1st book in the Astronomicon series.


I cannot deny that most people choose the books they buy more by the name of the author than anything else. Most people have their familiar authors and their favourite authors. Tempting people to buy a book by an author they do not know is very difficult bordering on impossible without other factors coming into play.


To help tackle this problem I have decided to try dropping the price of book 1 on Amazon to the lowest price they allow. Currently that is only $0.99 (or 86p according to Amazon’s version of the exchange rate!)

Book 2 progress report

Things are bound to go slowly over the Christmas period, but writing has gone very well for the past few days. I really think I’ve got a very good chance of finishing the first draft before the end of December. Obviously there’s a lot of editing, checking and proofreading to do, but if the proofreaders and I work hard it should be possible to get it published by the end of January.


Once I’ve got book 2 (The Discovery) to the proofreading stage I’ll consider producing a list of books planned in the series. Regular visitors to this site will already know about “Distant Relatives” but I have another five definite books planned beyond that, and another three loosely planned.