Astronomicon: Boundary – Free science fiction short story

Astronomicon: Boundary (scifi short story)In between writing the epic Astronomicon novels, I like to try out smaller ideas in the form of short stories. I usually set those within the Astronomicon universe too as it instantly gives me a coherent world in which to place the story. For short fiction, I love to explore those technological pitfalls and the unintended side-effects they throw up. Once you begin extrapolating technology into the future, science fiction is full of potential dangers, traps and ethical problems that are rich pickings for any speculative fiction author.


Astronomicon: Boundary tackles the issue of what could happen when people attempt to cheat death at the end of their lives and the technological consequences that causes a long time in the future.


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Easy way to read the 1st two chapters of “Distant Relatives” for FREE

Front cover of Astronomicon: Distant RelativesGood news for Science Fiction fans. Here’s an easy way to read the first two chapters of Astronomicon: Distant Relatives for free. Nothing to download, nothing to install, just read and enjoy both chapters in your webbrowser. It doesn’t get any more straightforward than that!

I’ve decided to use to publish some free chapters. If this turns out to be a popular thing, I will post a few more chapters there, and add my other books too.


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